Patricia Stone: Wife, Mother, and Caregiver

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As caregiver to a spouse diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (ALZ) in 2009, my journey began with many unknowns, trials, failures and final successes. I journalized daily, seeking answers.  My daily notes ultimately resulted in me writing and our son self publishing our journey in a book, entitled.  “It Is No Respecter Of Persons.”  I share our daily regime which has allowed my spouse, for the most part, to live his life as someone simply aging gracefully.

Our son has been by our side with consistent support from the onset of this disease; as well as other friends and family members.

Many of our doctors consistently tell me to not change anything I’m doing.  However, because I have incorporated western medicine with herbs, they cannot share all of the information in this book with other ALZ  patients due to the monopolized stronghold of the pharmaceutical companies.  The pharmeucutical companies have the hands  of medical staff and researchers tied.  However, at my request these herbs are a part of my spouse’s medical records.

HERBS can stay the progression of ALZ.  There is nothing to lose.  Try them.  Doctors have no cures … No answers.  Their prescription drugs are based on trials and errors.  Many are mere band aids.  This book provides detailed information about the herbs, where to purchase them and how they can be combined with your prescription medications.

I was invited to speak about our ALZ journey at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Rouvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015.   As a 24/7 caregiver, I shared creativity — this book, which has made the journey less grueling.  This event is archived at Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health on video.

My research is continuous daily. I want to share my journey with as many individuals as possible by giving this book to anyone requesting copies.   In addition, I would like to create a blog to inform other caregivers, patients, etc., of simple findings which have made my 24/7 caregiver life easier.

Donations are requested to offset shipping and handling costs of  mailing the 400 remaining books I have on hand and purchasing additional copies as needed.  In addition I would like to have a blog created to share continuous successes in this journey, as well as invite and answer questions as it relates to our journey.  I’ve learned and developed many ideas which have simplified my life as a caregiver to an ALZ patient.

Thus far we have incurred the cost of donating  approximately 100 books and desperately want to share as many  more books to as many people and ALZ organizations as possible.  I will continue posting  ALZ informational updates on this site hoping to simply help another.  This is not a journey to travel alone.  Not knowing me personally has no affect on my giving you all the support within my power by sharing my findings in an effort to END ALZ.

This is anybody’s journey but a very individualized disease.  ALZ is a true epidemic.  It does not discriminate. It does not see size, age, color, race, ethnicity, wealth or poverty.  It simply strikes, oftentimes undetected until the disease has passed the onset stage.
However, there is hope!  It is important that doctors are working and conducting research frantically to find answers to stay the disease, stop its progression as well as find a cure.  However, we need to do more … whatever possible, by any means necessary; if merely sharing successes and information, in an effort to end ALZ.

I sincerely thank you for supporting this effort.

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