Dementia Friendly Plan

We are proud to be a part of the Dementia Friendly America network.  Based on their experience creating dementia friendly communities all over Minnesota, Dementia Friendly America created a community plan that outlines how to pull our community together for this important cause.

Our Plan


Action Phase 1: Come Together

Becoming a dementia friendly community involves convening key community leaders and community members from a diverse array of sectors to work in collaboration toward the shared goal of supporting people living with dementia and their care partners. In this first phase, stakeholders are recruited, presented with the ideological framework detailed in our mobilizing beliefs, and asked to serve as “Action Team” members to help steer the Dementia Friendly initiative. All community members are welcomed to join the process and become a member of the Action Team.

Action Phase 2: Get to Know the Community

Once an Action Team is formed, members work together to construct tools to assess the state of the community regarding its level of support and inclusivity of people living with dementia and their care partners. Strengths and gaps are identified, and information is shared with the broader community.

Action Phase 3: Identify Goals

Using the data that were collected during the community assessment, the Action Team selects goals that represent the most important steps the community can take toward become dementia-friendly and inclusive. 

Action Phase 4: Take Action!

Once the Action Team has an actionable set of goals, it’s time to begin working toward achieving those goals! Action Team members help to implement programs and initiatives, and in the process evaluate the effectiveness of their actions so that services and efforts can be continually improved and expanded. 

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