Dementia 2017: The Brain Under Assault – Prequiz

Welcome to your Dementia 2018: Pretest


1. On average, about what percent of elderly patients with dementia are diagnosed by their PCP?

2. Overall, how do the results of a dementia workup affect patients' emotional stress?

3. What is the conversion rate of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to Alzheimer's disease per year?

4. CSF testing measures the changes that are occurring in the CNS that could be indicative of Alzheimer's disease. Which of the following statements is consistent with an AD diagnosis?

5. True or False: With Parkinson's disease, cognitive impairment is common, even early on.

6. Syndromes associated with Alzheimer's disease include:

7. True or False: It is acceptable to use two cholinesterase inhibitors together (e.g. a pill & a patch) to increase effectiveness.

8. True or False: Studies show that diet, exercise, and cognitive training can slow the decline in cognition and processing speeds in individuals with dementia risk factors.

9. The following organizations or government programs endorse screening for Dementia.

10. The following statements are correct regarding the impact of Dementia.

11. The most common causes of hospitalization for patients with dementia include all of the following EXCEPT:

12. Aside from general complications that can occur in the hospital, dementia patients are at higher risk of:

13. True or False: It's my responsibility to create a dementia friendly community.

14. True or False: Faith communities shouldn't be involved in care planning for someone with dementia.

15. True or False: A person in a group home can only complete a power of attorney with a physician certifying capacity.

16. True or False: A person under guardianship is not allowed to vote or own a firearm.

17. What percentage of the adult population in the U.S. provides unpaid care for an adult?

18. True or False: The degree to which a partner is prepared to provide care to an individual with dementia dramatically improves both patient and caregiver outcomes.

Dementia Friendly Nevada updates related to COVID-19

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