Dementia Friendly Nevada 

In 2016, the Administration for Community Living awarded Nevada’s Aging and Disabilities Services Division a federal grant to fund the Dementia Friendly Nevada initiative. In an effort to engage in truly grassroots change, the Dementia Friendly Nevada concept was subdivided into four Community Groups (CGs). In the subsequent year, two more CGs were added. Those six are:

Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada, Urban

Dementia Friendly Pahrump

Dementia Friendly Elko

Age and Dementia Friendly Winnemucca

Pesa Sooname Advisory Group (Dementia Friendly Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe)

Dementia Friendly Washoe County

Each CG shares an umbrella mission of building communities that are respectful, educated, supportive, and inclusive of people living with dementia and their care partners.   

Each Dementia Friendly Nevada CG comprises aging services professionals, passionate community members, and—most importantly—people living with dementia. As part of an action research process that rejects the concept of expert knowledge, people living with dementia are considered the true experts: experts of lived experience. Dementia Friendly Nevada members living with dementia are part of every dialogue within the group and are truly the driving forces behind the changes Dementia Friendly Nevada is working toward in our communities. 

One of the things that makes Dementia Friendly Nevada special is that we are almost entirely volunteer-driven. CG members are not paid for their efforts; they put in their time and energy because this movement is one they truly support. Our nature as a grant-funded, volunteer-driven initiative also means that all Dementia Friendly Nevada programs are completely free, removing a barrier that often prohibits people living with dementia from accessing services that would have a positive impact on their well-being. 

We encourage you to read our full list of mobilizing beliefs,
which fully describes our values and principles.

In summary, Dementia Friendly Nevada aims to: 

  • broaden awareness and recognition of the signs of dementia and how to communicate with people living with dementia.  
  • encourage people living with dementia to go about their daily activities, have a voice and make decisions, and contribute to community life for as long as possible with understanding, respect, and support from their care partners and other community members. 
  • support people living with dementia to live safely and be as independent as possible in settings that promote physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.
  • guide people living with dementia-like symptoms to receive an accurate and timely assessment and diagnosis followed by optimal treatment, support, and care.
  • provide people living with dementia and their families, friends, and care-partners easy access to supportive options, information and resources, such as education on disease process, self-care, and providing care.
  • ensure resources and support are available and accessible to all people regardless of where they live, their cultural background, or their economic status.

Find out more about our dementia-friendly plan,
adopted from the Dementia Friendly America initiative


The Dementia Friendly America Initiative  

The Dementia Friendly America Initiative is a multi-sector, national collaborative on a mission to foster communities that are equipped to support people with dementia and their family and friend care partners by working to become “dementia friendly.”  

Through the work of over 35 national, leading organizations, the Dementia Friendly America initiative is catalyzing a movement to more effectively support and serve those across America who are living with dementia and their family and friend care partners. The lead organizations represent all sectors of community and are collectively leveraging their national reach to activate their local affiliates, members and branches to convene, participate in and support dementia friendly community efforts at a local level.

Please visit the Dementia Friendly America website for more information:

For a PowerPoint Presentation describing Dementia Friendly America, click here. 


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